The Batwa Experience was created by the displaced Batwa pygmies to educate their children and to share their amazing heritage and traditions with the world. Since 1992, the Batwa have been unable to live in the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, their ancestors’ home. Yet they have not forgotten the old ways.

Step back in time to see how the Batwa lived for millenia in the Bwindi, one of the most beautiful jungles on earth and home of the famous mountain gorillas. Enjoy an incredible day hike in the rain forest with Batwa guides, see how the Batwa lived and hunted, learn about medicinal plants, and watch for animals and birds.

You will hear ancient legends and traditional songs, watch energetic dances, and join in on a mock hunting party. You can even test your skill with a Batwa bow and arrow.

The Batwa Experience is eco-tourism at its best, a hands-on, mind-opening adventure you will never forget! The cost is:
Regular visitors
– 1 person— $85
– 2-3 people— $70 per person
– 4 or more— $60 per person
– Private arrangement— $100 per person
— $30 per person
Filming crews
— $400 per group per day
Ugandan students
— 15,000 UGX per person

Our information flyer can be seen here: Batwa Experience flyer.

All income generated at the site returns to the Batwa to strengthen their entire community through the Batwa Development Program (BDP), a community collaboration to help the Batwa help themselves. The BDP is supported in part by the Kellermann Foundation, which also supports Bwindi Community Hospital.



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